We are Squamish’s newest Martial Arts & Fitness studio. COACHED BY UFC VETERAN COLE SMITH

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Fitness Studio 2023

About us

Join a new community, the start to your fitness journey, a break from life or your path to being a champion of the sport. We are excited for our team to evolve with us as we grow.

Picture of a group fitness class at Roundhouse
Image of a youth MMA class

Youth MMA

Preview image of a roundhouse youth mma class


Jiu Jitsu

Preview image of a BJJ class at Roundhouse


Womens Jiu Jitsu

Preview image of a Womens BJJ class at Roundhous


Muay Thai Kickboxing

Preview image of a kickboxing class at Roundhouse


Womens Cardio Kickboxing

Preview image of a womens kickboxing class at Roundhouse


Mixed Martial Arts

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Preview image of a boxing class at Roundhouse


Fight Fit

Preview image of a boxing class at Roundhouse


Flow Yoga

Preview image of a yoga instructor at Roundhouse


Personal Training

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Our Mission

To provide a community – a place for you to always feel welcome at, an outlet for martial arts to give you anything that you need, to bring the mindset into any aspect of your life.


To us, Martial Arts is more than just hitting things and throwing punches. It is deeply rooted within our values, which are built upon hardwork, respect, honour, integrity and most importantly being there for your community, teammates and friends. Although this may look like an independent sport, we work together as a team and thrive together as a team. We encourage each other to do our best, work together as a team and help each other out when we can on and off the mats.

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We also offer 15 minute consultations – one of our coaches will walk you through our gym, get you set up with gear and what to expect in class with a few quick techniques to get you comfortable and confident. Send us an email today - contact@roundhousesquamish.com.